New NYC Soccer Franchise has High-Profile Owners

Originally Written For the Queens Ledger 

New York City Football Club, the 20th Major League Soccer franchise, has been bought by a partnership between Manchester City Football Club and the New York Yankees, MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced Tuesday.As part of the announcement, Garber said the team will play its inaugural season in 2015 in an interim home. The club’s new management will continue MLS’ discussion with the city about building a new stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, but will explore other sites as well.“The league has been engaged in this process for close to a year with the city of New York on trying to reach agreements in Flushing Meadows Park,” said Garber. “At the same time, we were looking to secure an ownership group and we are here today proudly announcing Man City and the Yankees.“The ownership group will look at what we’ve been able to present to them as a relate to pushing Flushing Meadow Park and try to see if that deal is one that makes sense, but only after they have gone out into the community to do the kinds of things the Yankees have done in the Bronx,” added Garber.Currently the football club is not only looking to make New York a house but a home as well. This means the NYCFC is looking to have a positive relationship with the public.“This is not only about finding a place to build a stadium, this is about finding a home,” said Ferran Soriano, CEO of MCFC. “We want ew York City FC to have a home. That means basically that first and foremost listen to people. Listen to the community. Listen to the stakeholders and make sure whatever we build, we are embraced by the community and we become family”,While groups opposed to the stadium are still worried about the stadium deal in Flushing Meadows, news that alternate sites would be explored was welcome.“We welcome Major League Soccer to New York City,” read a statement by the Fairness Coalition of Queens. “We are pleased with their new willingness to consider other sites in New York. The proposal for a stadium inside the heart of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is deeply flawed and would irrevocably damage a vital community resource.Until the club has a permanent home it will play at an interim venue, and it is possible that will be Yankee Stadium. Other sites could include Red Bull arena or Belmont Park.“At this point it’s premature to comment on any temporary venues,” said Garber. “We’ve got work to do to assure that we’ve got the right temporary facility for them to hit the ground in 2015, so more to come on that in the months ahead.”

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